Feedback and Suggestions

When it comes to The Raising Holy Sparks Podcast I am always on the lookout for hidden beauty and inspiration all around the world. But it can’t be done alone. There are so many fantastic people and projects that are happening that I have no idea about.

Please use the form below to share your suggestions for who should come on the show as a guest so that they can share about the goodness that they are bringing into this world. (I can’t promise that every suggestion will turn into a guest, but I still really want to hear from you.)

Additionally, I am always looking for feedback to improve how the show is done. Whether it is the sound quality, the information provided in the introduction, or the questions that I am asking - anything! My goal is to create a show that you will enjoy listening to and one that will help all of us to see more of the hidden sparks of holiness that are all around us. If that goal of correcting our prescription for how we are seeing the world is not being met and we do not feel more inspired by the end of each episode then I want to know how I can improve the show and make the experience better for you. Let me hear your thoughts below!


Please share your suggestions for guests/topics and/or general feedback about the show in the form below

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