Jewish Wedding

“Reb Misha was incredibly thoughtful. We spoke to him regularly and he always expressed a deep interest in both our wedding day preparation as well as what our path looked like for building a happy and healthy Jewish household together. We never doubted him getting everything ready for the ceremony - he took care of everything which allowed us to focus on all of the other details.”


“Reb Misha's wedding ceremony for us was both traditional and heartfelt. He took the time to learn about us as a couple and weave that into a touching, insightful and joyous ceremony. He kept the focus on our love and tradition and that was exactly what we wanted.”

“Misha Clebaner was not only a tutor and guide for my son, but a true mentor and friend. He was able to create and sustain a learning environment for well over a year (teaching my son Hebrew but also about Judaism and general practice); develop an original and personalized Bar Mitzvah service and conduct and lead that service. One of Misha's many strengths was the ability to create and impart a deeply meaningful experience for my son and I could not have asked for a more inspirational and dynamic officiant. One of the challenges was that our service was in another city -- Misha traveled and lead the service we had planned. The experience could not have been more enlightening for my son, for me, for our family.”

“Everything about our Bar Mitzvah experience with Misha was more than we could have hoped for. I could not recommend him more highly for performing services, ceremonies in the future.”


“He really helped us navigate the religious side of the wedding. We wanted it to have aspects of religion, but not make it a religious ceremony and he did a great job navigating us and giving us different options of things we could put in the ceremony. Things we didn’t even think about.”

“I would recommend Misha to everyone and in fact I have as he has officiated multiple of my friends weddings. What is unique about Misha is he caters to what you want. I’ve seen him officiate 3 weddings including my own and each one is very personalized towards that specific couple.”

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